Meet the Staff - Stephen (Iggy) Zielinski

Meet the Staff - Stephen (Iggy) Zielinski

Stephen Ignatius (Iggy) Zielinski is your resource for all things Sales, Marketing and Design. For customers to come into your door, it needs to be appealing.  As business owners we put time and effort into making sure our storefront looks the best it can to drive customers.  Iggy has the eye and ability to make that happen for your digital space. With over a decade of experience in marketing, sales and design he has the tools you need to make your online presence POP!


It all started with a little dream. While he was in his undergrad, Iggy opened his first business, Zielinski's Books and Games, in his hometown.  He learned quickly that the big reason customers came back to him was his personality and consistency online. He put time and effort into gaining sales skills, understanding graphic design and the fundamentals of traditional art and photography, and dove deep into marketing strategy and retail best practices in order to bring the best experience to his customers. The gaming industry has a unique diversity of challenges that allowed him to stretch that knowledge to its limit and he truly became a fierce and reliable master at marketing and sales.


Event marketing became a passion of his, as the years went on, opportunities like gaming and comic conventions, in store events, and collaborations with other local businesses and venues opened his eyes to that word.  Instead of just focusing on his small group of customers, he could branch out and connect with the greater community at large and wouldn’t you know it, this new social media technology was blossoming into a platform that let him do just that! Diving deep into social media marketing allowed him to move to bigger and bigger locations and personally opened him up to other opportunities when he felt the urge to stretch his wings.


He’s done it all, from outside direct marketing sales for huge companies like AT&T, inside sales for independent marketing corporations tied to Centurylink, small scale high value event marketing in the Timeshare and Collectable industries, even running full sales divisions for telemarketing companies, convention floors, and large scale online stores. Iggy has been able to plug his experience into many different verticals and knows just what it takes to bring these skills to YOU.


The digital world can be scary, your brand and product is your baby and sometimes, it’s hard to show that baby to the world, but with help and a great support team, you’ll be able to bring your vision to the world!  Iggy is a great member of that team, with a smile and a wink, he’ll be able to bring your brand to thousands, and increase your sales and online presence so you can accomplish any goal. 

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